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pending known bugs

Released: 2019-?
  • [feature] Add offset-arrayed spins.

    References: #188

  • [bug] Not all Android devices can draw droplets, especially MALI-based GPUs have problems. Need to collect more info about why.

    References: #441

  • [bug] The optimizer tries to optimize during pulse sequence acquisition elements, which is silly. Need a better way to tell it what periods and what controls to optimize.

    Also, the cost function doesn’t take time or pulse amplitude into account, which it should/will.


Released: 2019-10-?
  • [bug] Fixed another. speed. problem.


Released: 2019-03-?
  • [bug] Fixed speed problem with very long sequences and very large pulses

  • [bug] Fixed problem where time slider could get out of sequence with actual displayed experimental state.

    References: #471


Released: 2019-03-?
  • [bug] Fixed acquisition phase editing for ‘table’ sequences - was interpreting degrees as radians.

  • [bug] Fixed overly-persistent sequence/simulation error message - can now click it away.


Released: 2019-03-18
  • [feature] Added built-in window function (with nice fat FT) to table editor: exp(-t*10)

  • [feature] Added option to disable autoscaling on VectorWidgets (particularly FID and SPECRTUM displays) - right-click the widget to get a menu with an en/dis-able item.

    Also added ability to manually scale the widget - hold down control and roll the mouse wheel while pointing at the display.

  • [bug] Fixed several bugs with sequence table’s and acquisitions. Added acquisition operators to the “Current Hamiltonian” display.

    References: #476, #477


Released: 2019-03-13
  • [bug] Can now set ‘np’ in the Sequence Explorer for JSON/Table sequences with acquisition.

  • [bug] Again, much faster large-step optimization (gradient) calculation, and all around calculation of time advance.


Released: 2019-03-10
  • [bug] Dont crash when acquisition sweep width (sw) is negative. Fall-back to Pade approximation when \(\|H\|\) is large.

  • [bug] Double speed of acquisition by measuring \(<Im>\) instead of \((<Ix> - i \cdot <Iy>)\)


Released: 2019-03-07
  • [bug] Only show real part of spectrum (for now). Can be modified by adjusting window function.


Released: 2019-03-05
  • [bug] Mouse wheel now changes pulse angle in Table Editor when pointed at the numeric angle display.


Released: 2019-03-04
  • [bug] Added window function to acquisition, set in Table Editor using the ‘Shape’ button, or in Industrial Sequences by declaring, ie define any window = 'cos(t*pi).+1'.


Released: 2019-02-26
  • [bug] Fixed shaped pulse amplitude calculation in Industrial sequence language.


Released: 2019-02-24
  • [bug] FID Acquisition and 1D Spectrum display.

    References: #424

  • [bug] Basic Pulse optimization - simple gradient descent.

    References: #429

  • [bug] Limit Varian pulses to 100000 lines/points.

    References: #457

  • [bug] Fixed a weird issue when editing a sequence in the Sequence Explorer that would cause repeated warnings related to automatic sync’ing with the main simulation.

    References: #422

  • [bug] Fix crash when taking log() of certain matrices for which no log() exists.

    References: #430

  • [bug] Clean up the graphics of the textual Initial State Menu editor, and make DROPS 3d view sync optional.

    References: #437

  • [bug] Keep subsequent delay elements separate rather than combining them into one.

    References: #450

  • [bug] Better messages when sequence doesn’t match spin system.

  • [bug] Update browser version to use WASM instead of asm.js for much faster load times.

  • [bug] Added a full-screen presentation mode to the desktop and browser apps, toggled by ctrl-shift-F (capital F!)

    References: #455

  • [bug] Remember the last mode an operator window was using.

    References: #452

  • [bug] Added preference selection for “DropType” to select droplet renderer - might help with #441.

    References: #441

  • [bug] Add SDL2 dependency to generated .rpm, remove Ieval from rpm.

    References: #444

  • [bug] Accept expressions tau as τ, and pi as \(\pi\).

  • [bug] Remember operator view mode per-window.

    References: #452

  • [bug] Show the currently active initial state operator as highlighted in the menu.

    References: #426


Released: 2018-08-20
  • [bug] Fix some crashes on obscure bad pulse sequence entry.

  • [bug] Add option ‘–noaudio’ to disable audio on desktop.

    References: #413

  • [bug] When the option ‘Show Id Droplet’ was enabled, AND ‘Magnetization Vectors’ was disabled, the I1 droplet would move to the Id droplet position.

    References: #414


Released: 2018-06-20
  • [feature] Removed which-operator selection from Operator Windows popup menu.

  • [bug] Fix font sizing bug in the Operator Windows.

    References: #396

  • [bug] Close the Table Sequence Editor when a non-table sequence is loaded.

    References: #405


Released: 2018-06-12
  • [bug] Fix what happens when un-checking the ‘Auto apply’ box in Sequence Explorer.

    References: #389

  • [bug] Droplet labels went briefly missing in 2.0.1.

    References: #394

  • [bug] Fix broken Export Workspace on the MacOS AppStore version due to sandboxing.

    References: #386


Released: 2018-06-08
  • [bug] Sometimes on iOS or Retina display the font loses symbol characters.

    References: #352

  • [bug] Resimulate when control hamiltonians contain changed J or nu params.

    References: #381

  • [bug] Fix character glyph rendering bug that caused wrong symbol or no symbol to be displayed.

    References: #348

  • [bug] (see 348)

    References: #349

  • [bug] (see 348)

    References: #376

  • [bug] Sometimes bloch vector objects were displaying uninitialized random values.

    References: #383

  • [bug] Only allow the main view to show the density operator.

    References: #327

  • [bug] Resize operator view windows always to be square.

    References: #352

  • [bug] Show 270° instead of -90° for RX phase display.

    References: #373


Released: 2018-04-27
  • [bug] A number of bug fixes.


Released: 2018-04-27
  • [bug] Retina display shows wrong % in Zoom menu.

    References: #329

  • [bug] Fix bug where J13 and J23 bars were swapped.

  • [bug] Fix some menu entries for web and narrow screens.


Released: 2018-04-06
  • [feature] Added some standard shaped pulses (sinc,gauss,hyperbolic secant).

    References: #332

  • [feature] Web version now double-checks with user before closing window.

  • [bug] Fixed menus on narrow screens.


Released: 2018-04-04
  • [feature] Project save/load/import/export feature (File menu).

    References: #321

  • [feature] Added text descriptions of pulse sequences.

    References: #322

  • [feature] Rename command line option RESET to –reset

  • [feature] Rename Option menu to View

  • [feature] Highlight active options in menus.

  • [feature] Lots of updates to documentation.

  • [bug] Show GUI zoom as percentage.

    References: #300


Released: 2017-12-22
  • [bug] Many small bug fixes

  • [bug] Fix SDL on older Android APIs.

    References: #318

  • [bug] Fix scaling on macOS retina displays.

    References: #296

  • [bug] Fix identity operator, was E, should have been 1/2E.

    References: #293

  • [bug] Fix ‘C’ button in operator editor to clear to 0.

    References: #259


Released: 2017-11-30
  • [feature] All operators can now be shown in DROPS or matrix form by right- or long- clicking on the display area.

  • [feature] Make the back-button on Android send SpinDrops to the background.

  • [bug] Fixed a problem with resolution on Mac retina displays.

  • [bug] Correct DPI detection of iOS devices.

  • [bug] Examples of how to do propagator calculations for Qbits under the Pulse Sequences > Tutorials menu.

  • [bug] macOS Multi-finger gestures sometimes behave strangely.

    References: #176


Released: 2017-11-17
  • [bug] Android release only, fix minor bug in beta18.


Released: 2017-11-17
  • [feature] Added ‘propagator’ channel type to ppg, and some basic examples of qbit gates under Pulse Sequence > Tutorials. And a Q. Computing basis set in the List Prod Ops window.

    References: #257

  • [feature] Added Effective Hamiltonian view window, shortcut: ‘E’.

  • [feature] The advanced sequence editor is unusable on small screens. Dont show the option when the screen is too narrow.

    References: #168

  • [feature] Added quantum-computing style bra-ket notation, ie <001| <1|0> <0||0> |1><0|

  • [feature] easier to remember keyboard shortcuts, D:ensity Operator window, H:amiltonian window, U:Propagator window

  • [bug] Crash in recognizing cerain ppg loops fixed.

  • [bug] Sometimes the first frame drawn after start and after resize isnt correct.

    References: #174

  • [bug] Fixed Android multi-finger gestures: rotation, zoom.

  • [bug] Clarified new sequence creation when cloning a sequence.

  • [bug] Android devices / versions dont all recognize double-click to reset the view. One needed to click exactly on the same pixel twice, hopefully fixed now.

    References: #172

  • [bug] fixed: macOS multi-finger gestures with 16 frames (phase cycling) is extremely slow.

    References: #202

  • [bug] Fixed typo in Preferences grouping, user may need to ‘reset’ preferences to clean up the preferences editor display.


Released: 2017-10-18
  • [feature] Change Propagator window to show cumulative propagator from beginning of experiment.

  • [feature] Group Preferences into categories.


Released: 2017-10-17
  • [feature] Added a propagator window in Options menu.

  • [bug] Fixed crash in sequence table editor.

  • [bug] Fixed window size/position saving for some windows.

  • [bug] Save the current state on iOS when going into the background.

  • [bug] Select either Heteronuclear or Homonuclear system.


Released: 2017-10-10
  • [feature] Save window locations and sizes.

  • [bug] Loading invalid sequences caused infinite loop

  • [bug] Changing spin count with an invalid initial state for the new count caused crash.


Released: 2017-10-05
  • [bug] Fixed problem with Android release build.

    References: #242

  • [bug] Display receiver phase when in multi-frame mode.

  • [bug] Fixed problem with heteronuclear channel assignment.


Released: 2017-10-05
  • [bug] Spins were erroneously assigned to rf channel 0, causing erroneous hamiltonians.

  • [bug] Coupling bars weren’t updating when changing J values.

  • [bug] Changing Layout between Chain and Triangle didn’t take effect immediately.


Released: 2017-09-21
  • [feature] Adding ?RESET to the SpinDrops-web URL resets the Preferences

  • [feature] Show circle with frame phase in Phase Cycling mode.

    References: #187

  • [feature] added keyboard shortcuts [ ] for jumping to begin/end of sequence

    References: #231

  • [feature] keyboard shortcut ‘r’ toggles the repeat mode

    References: #231

  • [feature] keyboard shortcut ‘b’ changes to a random sequence (for debugging)

    References: #231

  • [feature] show error message when creating a Preference Scheme fails

  • [feature] Menus are drawn white on web version, and only visible when moused-over.

  • [bug] macOS bundle versions and IDs should be set correctly

  • [bug] Resetting preferences failed to change foreground/background colors

    References: #218

  • [bug] help menus should now correctly link to the online documentation

  • [bug] can no longer create Preference Scheme with blank name “”

  • [support] documentation updates, mostly operator notation

    References: #231


Released: 2017-09-21
  • [feature] equal-sized DROPS layout for multi-frame (ie phase-cycling) experiments

  • [feature] Added option Apply RX Phase to draw DROPS with receiver phase applied

  • [feature] Added dropdown menus to Operator and List Prod Ops windows

    References: #200


Released: 2017-09-12
  • [feature] Save the Spin System parameters between across sessions.

    References: #191

  • [feature] Option Strong J-Coupling to enable Strong Coupling terms in Hamiltonian

    References: #195

  • [bug] Android sound beep had wrong sampling rate, fixed.

  • [bug] Crash when Hamiltonian has invalid custom string-based terms.

    References: #154


Released: 2015-05-28